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Global Presence
On grounds of Global Presence, Aglowmed – especially through its rapidly expanding product ranges - intends to position itself as a market leader internationally.

At Aglowmed, we have a vision to contribute towards creating a world where there is a cure for every disease and where good health reigns. We keep quality, reliability and affordability in our mind to ensure that mankind is glowing.

Serving World Markets
Aglowmed actively seeks its products registration in various markets in the world.  This process will increase our reach and allow many other countries in the world to benefit from the unique advantage Indian companies contribution in the pharmaceutical market – high quality manufacturing at reduced prices. This makes Indian medicines more affordable to the masses.  The policy of equivalent quality at reduced prices is making our products popular in many world markets.

Extending our Geographical Footprints
The Company is now in the process of increasing its access to markets worldwide by registering products in various countries and seeking international partnerships for growth.

Partnerships for Progress
The Company seeks to expand its marketing reach internationally by entering into a series of win-win partnerships that leverage access to market as well as our production efficiencies and wide range of products.

The Model in Brief
Aglowmed seeks to partner with established companies in various countries with regulatory compliance.  Under the partnership model we expect our international partners to help us register our products in their country.  Once the product is registered we can manufacture the product to match national requirements and then ship them for distribution and marketing.  Our partners will have the “Indian cost advantage” while being able to offer equivalent quality as compared to other existing multinational manufacturers.

Our partners can leverage the advantage of our wide product range, global quality and competitive pricing to penetrate markets and expand volumes.  Aglowmed has already instituted many such partnerships and constantly seeks to forge more such successful alliances.