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WHO / GMP Certified Plant

Aglowmed possesses state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities at Roorkee, Uttarakhand which is WHO GMP certified and complies with the latest quality assurance principles and Quality Management System (QMS). The plant is built to suit the specifications laid down for Good Manufacturing Practices and adheres to the guidelines in both, man and material flow.  The plant is maintained in a clean and hygienic state, with every area having stipulated access controls and contamination safeguards. It has state of art HVAC and water system complying to international standards.

The entire area is approximately six acres. All products are manufactured under strict current good manufacturing standards. Our Quality control department is fully equipped with sophisticated instruments such as HPLC system, FTIR, UV-Visible, Spectrophotometers, Walk-in-stability chambers, etc.

Our manufacturing location is approved by Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia & Ivory Coast.


All raw materials and finished products are stored under controlled temperature conditions depending on their respective requirements and stipulations. Cold storage rooms are also provided for products requiring low temperature storage conditions. A computerized inventory management ensures precise and updated information at any point of time.